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Todd Richter learns lessons on the golf course

November 18, 2022

Todd Richter
People learn in a variety of ways. Life’s biggest lessons can come in unexpected ways, and they happen despite robust education, great parenting and excellent morals. Sometimes, they happen when you’re just trying to have fun. For successful Wall Street healthcare analyst Todd Richter, the most important knowledge arrived on the golf course.

During his time as a student at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Richter was a member of the school’s golf team. His undergraduate years through 1979, when he graduated, were spent under the leadership of golf Coach Joe Agee. it is this man who Richter attributes with giving him the biggest lessons that guided his professional career and subsequent success. Said Richter about his former coach, “Joe had -- and still has -- an enormous influence on my life, as does golf in general.”

Todd Richter says that the life lessons extended far beyond Richter’s undergraduate studies or even his time on the golf course. He gained a competitive edge from golf and Coach Agee, an edge that has led to the same throughout his career. He discovered instincts and an ability to focus under pressure, which has made him the man and businessman that he is today.